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We shop for big and small items every day.  Wouldn't it be great if we could help a cause special to us when we make some of these purchases? That's where we come in!  We are creating relationships with non-profits, partnering with them to establish new, ongoing ideas to raise needed funds.  Buying gifts for yourself or others makes it possible for the Cause to keep doing great work. Every purchase gives back!

Choose Your Gift

Our product list begins with the items we love most: coffee, our homes and just those things that make us smile a bit more.  You can choose a special gift to send to a friend, colleague or loved one...or choose something for yourself.  Either way, you are giving a gift to a non-profit cause with each purchase. It's that easy!  Like our Partner Cause list, we continue to add new, great items to our product list.  Keep checking back to see what's new!

It's our BIRTHDAY!

We are celebrating our first anniversary! 

 What a fun year it has been! We began a great journey to support the remarkable work our non-profit Causes do every day. We have enjoyed so many moments of building our dream with each store front created. We met great vendors to partner with - all of whom have a giving component in their own business structures.

We have learned so much and can't wait for what year two will bring.

To celebrate, we continued the gifting!

Congratulations to Sylvia from Las Vegas - the winner of our Birthday giveaway.  Her first purchase turned out to be a winner - for both her and our Causes!

Take a tour of our pages - every purchase gives back!

Every one wins!!

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